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Giving new life to old curtains in your home can be obtained with just a few creative tips that can save you money and make you proud.  The hardest part will be assessing the curtains you are now using and the look you want to achieve.  After considering you decorative avenues, it is time to put it on paper for more evaluation.  If you just want to leave the room as it is and only focus on the curtains, then here are a few simple ways to go about it.

One fairly simple and inexpensive way is to dye them a new color.  This will require purchasing your dye and then following the simple directions on the product.  You made need more than one box of dye to complete the job. The curtains will need to be processed alone.  That includes washing, rinsing, and drying. When coloring is completed, simply iron or steam press the curtains and then hang them up.

If you love to crochet and are not in a hurry for the curtains, you can add a beautiful crochet trim across the top, down the sides, or across the bottom.  Books may be purchased at your local hobby or craft store for crochet patterns. A less time consuming creative change would be to use yarn. Use embroidery stitches for vines, leaves, and flowers along the edges or a straight stitch in multiple rows across the bottom.  Yarn can also be used in multiple rows as a border.  You might want to put your designs on paper first and then use your pattern as a guide.  Another clever idea is to make curtain loops out of curtain material and use a decorative rod to hang the curtains.  Place the loops about four to six inches apart across the top of the curtain and sew to curtain.

Appliques or quilt block patterns are other crafty ways to change the appearance of old curtains.  Your decor, design and style play a key role in your curtain alteration.  Do not be afraid to try different creative ideas when transforming old curtains into new curtain makeovers.  

Upcycle old curtains so they can be new curtains to cover smaller windows.   When you are eco-friendly in your home it becomes a win - win situation and textile art does not confine itself to the curtain fabric you have on hand to reinvent.  There are other fabric crafts such as cloth paints, iron on appliques, and beads or buttons that will bring new life into old curtains.

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