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The emotional bard of Final Fantasy IV and recipient of the game's most infamous line, Edward is a hard luck guy whose life just seems to go from bad to worse every time he gets out of bed.

The prince of the kingdom of Damcyan, Edward was generally better suited to playing his harp while traveling as a bard. While doing so he met Anna, daughter of the sage Tellah, and the two fell in love. Tellah had little love for Edward, however, and his dislike was punctuated by the couple's sudden flight to Damcyan to be married. Enraged, Tellah pursued them north of Kaipo, where he met up with Cecil and Rydia.

The three found Damcyan just as it was being destroyed by Golbez's Red Wings, and though Edward managed to survive the attack Anna did not, shielding her beloved from enemy arrows with her own body. Tellah, thinking it all to be Edward's fault, attacked the bard - though soon he gave up on Edward and left to deal with the real threat, Golbez. Edward, grief-stricken, said he would stay by Anna's side and go nowhere else, though Cecil coaxed him out of his funk with a smack and a request that Edward help him cure Rosa with a Sand Ruby. Edward, being of royal blood, could retrieve a ruby from an Antlion. Edward agreed and joined the party.

Heading to the Antlion's cave Edward approached the beast, calling it tame; however it nearly caught him in its claws, forcing the trio to fight it for the ruby. Edward and Cecil uneasily noted afterward that monsters were growing restless of late for some unknown reason. Returning to Kaipo to heal Rosa, the party rested overnight, and Edward was attacked by a monster while playing his harp by moonlight. With prompting from his lost love Anna Edward managed to beat the monster and put aside some of his doubts.

Edward remained in the party after Rosa's return from illness and helped them save Yang on Mt. Hobs, also participating in the front lines of Fabul's defense against Baron. He was put out of commission during Golbez's retrieval of Fabul's crystal, however, and watched helplessly as Rosa was stolen away. Not dissuaded by Golbez's power, however, Edward remained determined to aid the party, and traveled with them to Baron by ship.

Unfortunately the ship was swallowed up by Leviathan on the journey, and Edward was one of the last to be thrown overboard. Badly injured, he drifted to Troia, and was found bedridden by Cecil and his party when they arrived in the country. Wishing to yet be of some use, Edward handed the team his Twin Harp and asked that they keep it handy should any need arise. And it did, soon after; while exploring the Dark Elf's cave the team is overwhelmed by the elf's magnetic powers, and only Edward's pained playing - echoed through the Twin Harp - disrupted the elf's powers, allowing the team to use their weapons and armor again. Edward is still too injured to rejoin the party, however, and Tellah promises to avenge Anna in both their names.

Edward is not healed until late in the game, at which point he joins in the attack on the Giant of Babel. After it is stopped he goes to Mysidia to pray for the wellbeing of the team in their fight against Zeromus, and once the story is successfully concluded he returns to Damcyan to begin rebuilding his kingdom. Edward can also rejoin the team near the end in the GBA remake.

Edward is the weakest fighter for much of the game. He's fragile and doesn't hit terribly hard, and thus should be kept in the back row most of the time. He uses harps and bows and arrows, thus making him a decent ranged fighter. He also has two special attacks: Sing, which either helps the party or hinders enemies, and Heal, which splits a potion between the party (and is completely useless late in the game). Edward will also automatically Hide in battle if he's badly damaged, though the player can force him to Hide manually if they wish. Despite his seeming weakness, however, Edward becomes incredibly strong past level 70 in the GBA game, and his stats skyrocket to new heights.

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