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Easy Windsock Craft Patterns for Kids

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"Easy Windsock Craft Patterns for Kids"
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Easy craft projects, such as making windsocks, can be a form of art for kids. Research has discovered that art, can be therapeutic, improve a child's self esteem, and encourage creative imagination. Art, or craft projects that use creative skills to produce, do not need to be difficult for a child to benefit from them. Windsocks can be made easily, with so many different materials, and are age appropriate for kids.

Make a very easy windsock by taking a full sheet of construction paper, and bending it lengthwise into a cylinder shape. Staple it to hold it's shape. Tape or staple pieces of crepe paper at one end for the bottom of the windsock. At the top, punch two holes with a one-punch hole punch, on opposite sides. Tie on a piece of yarn, into both holes carefully for the hanger. Kids can be creative by coloring a design, or adding stickers to the construction paper prior to bending into the cylinder shape.

There are many on-line resources, that provide free patterns for making easy windsocks. The Web site,, provides several easy craft projects for kids, including a few for windsocks. With a recycled an empty toilet paper tube, and add some paint, and yarn, kids can make a simple windsock with their own design. For the free craft pattern, and a photo, visit the Web page,, at Another free pattern this site provides, is a pattern for making a windsock that recycles a frozen juice can, an old sock, scrap fabric, leftover yarn, and a few supplies. For the Sock Windsock pattern, visit their Web page at,

The same technique, as with the cardboard tubes, can be used with empty plastic bottles. An adult can assist in cutting the bottom off of an empty 2-liter plastic bottle, or simply use an individual plastic drink bottle. A printable free pattern, on how to make a windsock by recycling a plastic bottle, can be printed from the Web page,

Crayola provides numerous free easy windsock craft patterns. Visit their Web page at,, to view their free patterns.


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