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Easy Apron Decorating Ideas

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"Easy Apron Decorating Ideas"
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Aprons can come in quite handy while cooking to keep things off your clothing.  Whether they are plain or decorated, do or do not have pockets, they not only help keep you clean and preserve your appearance, their usefulness extends beyond the kitchen.

Wearing an apron is particularly useful when putting the finishing touches on dishes for a dinner party, baking with the kids or working with something messy like barbecue sauce.  The kinds with pockets are useful to restaurant workers and others on the job and can help keep track of cash during a garage sale.

Many bibbed aprons are decorated with cute or funny sayings or graphic icons on them that are great for sparking conversation at dinner parties while the classic ones our mothers and grandmothers used come in a variety of styles from functional to fashionable.

If your own apron is too plain and you’d like to spruce it up there are a number of simple options for giving it personality or pizzazz.  If you have a sewing machine adding rows of colored rickrack or ribbon will take mere minutes to accomplish.  Alternatively a fusible product such as Stitch Witchery could be used to iron on a trim.

Another quick and easy option to decorate a plain apron is fabric paint.  A simple and attractive design can be created with brushes, sponges and stencils; no artistic painting ability required.  Create patterns geometric shapes, stripes (masking tape can help in making straight lines) or paint an entire scene of figures, foliage or whatever strikes your fancy.

If you’d like your little ones to create a design for you, try dye stick crayons.  Your child can create a colorful drawing as usual and then you just heat set the design with a dry iron.  Fabric markers are yet another easy option for decorating a plain apron.

Another quick option is heat transfer.  Family photos, scanned artwork from your kids, even an image of your own creation that you photoshopped can be applied to your plain apron with heat transfer.  A vintage photo of grandma or someone else in the kitchen or even one of your chefs will provide decoration as well as inspiration while you cook.

The heat transfer option is also a good way to put a favorite recipe on the front of a bibbed apron that could be given to someone else as a gift.  Appliqué, iron-on patches, simple embroidery and even buttons arranged in a design will quickly transform a plain apron into an eye catching one in a matter of minutes.

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