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Designing a parade float can often turn into a very competitive local contest. Having a nice-looking float that shows up your competition and is also a representation of your business or local organization. It says something about you and your group as well as what you stand for and products and services that you offer. A Dr. Seuss themed float that is custom made to reflect your own particular brand or organization associates a timeless classic with the products and services that you offer. offers decorating help in addition to supplies and other services. Selecting the right supplies depends upon the characters and or themes that you want to feature. Their custom novelty sheeting, grass mats, and festooning are all items that enhance the appearance and quality of your concept for a Dr. Seuss themed float. Fringe and other accents can be attached to the trailer and other vehicles used with the magnetic tape that they sell on their website. Normal tape will often come loose quickly making the float appear as if is falling apart while in motion. It is best to make the relatively inexpensive investment in this product so that all of your hard work is not in vain once the parade is under way.

The amount of material needed will depend on the size of your float. A massive Grinch head or a Super-Sized Cat in the Hat will not only require a much larger trailer, but also a lot more material during the construction process. Getting creative with some home-made tubing and other extension that can be found at a typical hardware store, the trailer itself can be transformed into one of the many Dr. Seuss adventure vehicles that appear in many of his stories. Various lengths of colored flexible tubing can secured and mounted to wooden or metal structures to form the flexible appendages seen in eh storybooks.

Planning is essential when building a float. Budgeting and following a plan ahead of time will prevent you from having what looks like an unfinished or unattractive project if you find out that you run out of money before the project in completed. It is better to cover all of the bases first and then build up the accents later if you are unsure of the extent of your budget or material.

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