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Diy Christmas Decorations for Outdoors

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"Diy Christmas Decorations for Outdoors"
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Outdoor Christmas decorations do not need to cost a fortune. In fact, if you have some scraps of wood in the garage, a few basic tools and paint, and access to tree limbs and logs, it may cost you almost nothing at all.

If you have some logs of various sizes, you can build a herd of wooden deer that look great grazing on your lawn during the holidays. The deer body will be determined by the size of the deer that you want to make. You can use several sizes for numerous deer and create a family. Find five sturdy, straight, limbs for the legs and neck. Drill holes for each leg in the log, fitting the diameter of your limbs, and insert the legs. On the top of the log, at one end, drill a hole for the neck. Attach a smaller log by drilling another hole in this log and attaching it to the neck. Now, it somewhat looks like a rustic deer, but to finish it off, drill two more smaller holes in the top of the head and push in short limbs with several branches to make the antlers. You can adorn your deer family with red bows, and light them up at night with an energy saver spotlight.

A lot of people have leftover scraps or entire sheets of plywood around somewhere, and these are perfect for Christmas scenes that the entire family can contribute too. Find a picture of carolers, or a sleigh full of presents. The ideas are endless. By sectioning off the plywood into a grid, and copying the picture onto grid paper, even artistically challenged folks can copy the picture to the plywood. From here on, it can be painted, sealed to protect against the weather with a spray sealer, and, cut out around the outline of the picture. To stand the decoration in the yard, attach a wooden leg to the back with a hinge, so that the decoration can be stored easier when it's time to put it away.

It may seem a little tricky at first, but if you have a large area that needs some Christmas dcor, try creating your own wire sculptures with moderately heavy, yet bendable wire. By forming a design such as a tree, a snowman etc. on the side of a building, you have the base for a light design that is formed by attaching the lights to the wire. You can add different colored lights to designate branches on the tree, lights, and even snow on the branches.

Finally, the lighted gift boxes on the market are expensive. We all, however, have cardboard boxes, leftover shiny paper and ribbon. Wrap your boxes with heavy duty wrapping paper, leaving one back side open to insert a string of white lights, and a heavy stone or brick to keep them in place in the wind. Finish wrapping, decorate with a bow, and make small holes around the outside of the box to allow the light to shine through. These look great in front of your plywood sleigh for a three dimensional look.

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