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Crochet Patterns Stuffed Cat

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If you have tried looking for a stuffed cat in the shops, you will know that attractive ones are very expensive and rare to find. If you crochet, you are lucky, in that there are many free crochet patterns for cats on the internet. You do not need to be an advanced crocheter to make a beautiful cat. Whether you want to crochet your cat for you, a cat loving friend, a child or even to keep your cat comfy in his basket, you are sure to find the right free crochet pattern.

If you are crocheting your cat for a young child, you should follow a few basic safety guidelines. Never use Fluffy yarns that shed fibres for young children or babies, the fibres can block a baby’s windpipe or nose and interfere with their breathing or choke them. Do use washable, safe stuffing, your craft store or yarn shop can advise you as to suitable filling for your cat. In the United Kingdom, look for the kite mark or the European safety standard on the packaging. Facial features should not be easily detachable by a curious child and swallowed, if you want to be doubly safe embroider eyes etc. on to your finished cat.

There are many delightful free crochet cat patterns on the internet. Crochet Pattern Central is a pattern directory web site that lists a lovely selection of links to free crochet cat patterns.

The amigurumi dude at Crochetme can be turned into a cat. Look at the photograph gallery of variations at the top of the page. The sporty kitten at favecrafts is an appealing little kitten. You can crochet a Cheshire cat or a blue kitten, whichever takes your fancy. 

Ravelry.com has a varied selection of delightful crochet cat patterns. You do have to register and e-mail address with Ravelry, but it is free to do so and gives you access to thousands of free crochet patterns and a vibrant crafting community.

There are so many delightful and appealing free patterns for you to crochet the ideal cat. The wide variety of gorgeous patterns means that your only difficulty might be in choosing which to crochet first. There are enough cats to satisfy the most ardent cat lover. You can crochet a beautiful cat, for yourself or for a gift, at a fraction of the price that an attractive cat would cost in the shops and be even more frugal by using a free crochet pattern from the internet. You will have every reason to be smug.

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