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Creative do it yourself Christmas Gift Ideas

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Whether you are trying to save money or if you just want to give a sentimental gift often times handmade/ homemade gifts are best. My favorite gifts are those that have keepsake value to the recipient. These are often very sentimental and are quite rewarding to make and give. Reminding people of special memories is a great gift. This can be done in many touching ways.

A great simple craft that you can make is a my memories and sentiments in a jar gift. This is super inexpensive and is very touching and personalized. All you need is a jar decorated to appeal to the recipient and then you need several strips of paper. Then write a memory, a special message or a reflection of your feelings on each strip of paper. Thing of things that will be special or important to the recipent, the more sentimental the better!

Also, you can decorate the paper strips or give them a special antique look by rubbing moist coffee grounds on the paper. The most important part of this gift is to simply think of memories or special feelings that will warm the heart of the recipient. When you are done writing on the strips of paper place them in the decorated jar, close it, wrap it up and it's ready for giving! This is a great gift that the recipient will look back on and cherish for years to come.

Photo gifts are very touching because they have the power to bring future happiness to the recipient day after day. Consider making a photo collage for a loved one this holiday season. I have a niece that will be born at the beginning of December. I am taking a photo of the new born and matting it under an inspiring poem that includes the baby's birthday and name. You could also take a number of special photos and make a collage that displays the photos and some special words about the photos. These types of gifts when displayed will remind the gift recipient of all the good times and can brighten their day every time they look at it.

If you are looking for something more crisp and professional you can make your own coffee table book by using a site like blurb. I am making a book that displays all the funny and memorable photos from a recent road trip. The site makes designing your books super easy, you can talk about the photos in the book and narrate the event or you can choose to simply display photos with not text. The sky is the limit at blurb and the books are really affordable too!

I made up several recycled sweater purses last year that I filled with fun items that were unique to my gift recipients. I stuffed mine with things like bath stuff, books, photos, baked goods and gave them as adorable gifts! All you need to do to make this nifty little sweater gift bag/ purse is find an old knitted sweater or perhaps a nice wool sweater that has been felted. If you are like me felted sweaters aren't hard to come by once they are mistakenly shrunk due to improper washing. If this is a craft idea you would like to try I posted the purse pattern I used for this craft along with instructions on my blog.

Another crafty gift idea I am doing this year is making origami gift boxes that I plan to fill with homemade candy, fudge and other yummy treats, basically any type of edible treats are great for gift giving! You could combine dry ingredients for your favorite baked goodie in a decorative jar and give it along with instructions! Things like soup, cookies, cake, brownies, muffins and hot chocolate make great gifts in a jar!

I found a number of other creative gift ideas on the web that you may be interested in trying out if you are looking for more handmade gift ideas to try consider these: Very Special Box Craft Gift, Homemade Hats, Crochet Beanie Hat, Homemade gift wrap or Bath bombs.

No matter what your budget and interests you can find and love making gifts for people this holiday season. Remember it is the sentiment that will be cherished for years to come, the newest tech gagets will come and go. Give something that is personalized, homemade and meaningful this holiday. Your recipient and your pocket book will thank you!

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