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Craft Ideas using old Shutters

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"Craft Ideas using old Shutters"
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You’re remodeling your home and no longer need those old window shutters.  They’re still in decent shape, you could repaint or re stain and sell them or you could use them for a number of items throughout your house, but whatever you do, don’t throw them in the trash; they can be useful and save you a lot of money on decorating, as well as, help to save the environment.

Old shutters can be linked together with door hinges to create beautiful screens for your bedroom, to put around the cat’s litter pans and dividers for various rooms in your home.

You can buy hinges in the side of the shutter’s edges at most hardware stores.  Alternating the direction, add one shutter to another, so that your screen folds like an accordion bellows.  Paint, stain or decorate your screen any way that you like.  You can drill holes in the bottoms of these and add legs or wheels for easy moving. 

Old shutters can also be made into fire place screens.  You will use the smaller shutters for these.  Re stain, repaint or decorate by wood burning your design into these and use small hinges to fasten them together.  In this instance, you will want your hinges to allow the screen to fold around the front of your fireplace.  Again, you can drill holes and add wheels for easier moving of your screen.

You can build message sorter boxes out of old shutters and mounted on the wall or your home or office.  You can remove a slat to allow for wider sorters sections.  Add your labels for incoming, outgoing or add names for employees boxes.

They make great message boards and you can remove some slats and put a decorative wooden tile section at the top or paint, “Message Board” on it and slide messages in between each slat.  Use the same way for a Card holder.  You can also convert this to a wall, CD holder.

Make shadow boxes out of shutters that you take apart.  Make birdhouses from the slats, picture frames, jewelry boxes, or crates for storing things.  Make larger frames from the shutter frames.

Create a screen or gate for your garden; removing a few of the slats will allow a climbing rose bush to weave its way through your garden screen-trellis.  Use them as a decorative wall for your patio.

Hang them on either side of a mirror or a painting for an interesting effect. 

Fasten 4 of these together, hinging one as a door and add a knob, a bottom and top cut from a piece of plywood and you have a fantastic plant stand, bedside lamp stand or storage cabinet.  You can also add shelving to your cabinet or nightstand.  Drill holes on the front and back frames, insert pins or screws and use these to add a shelf.  Measure evenly on all sides from the bottom of the cabinet floor to make sure the shelves are even.  You can add as many shelves as you want or need.

Use large shutters to build a cabinet around your washer and dryer.  You can use hinges and sliding tracks to open and close these and access your appliances.  Use as closets for your water heater.

Use large shutters to build a pie safe or pantry for your kitchen.  Add the top, bottom and shelving and wheels if you want.

Use them in your bathroom to replace old worn out cabinet doors.

Use them to decorate the windows of your garage or garden shed; use them as a door for the shed or make a hose storage box from them for your garden hose.

They make great sliding doors for the bottom shelf of your workbench or use them on the walls of your shop and slide various blueprints or patterns between the slats for a safe, organized way of keeping up with them.

Fix them together for use as frames for growing string beans, tomato plants, zucchini or gourds.  You can drill holes in the bottoms, affix 10” dowel rods and drive them into the ground between rows of plants, to stand the shutter frames upright for attaching your plants.  They’ll keep your plants off of the ground and help to prevent leaf mold.

Use the frames to build a hothouse bed in your garden for starting seeds or small plants.

Attach them to a desk or drawing board for use as cabinets.  By fastening these together with hinges, you can create great cabinets to store desk supplies or arts and crafts supplies right beneath a desk or drawing board.  Don’t forget the top, bottom and shelves of the cabinet and of course, the wheels.

There are hundreds of uses for old shutters and their parts.  No need to waste good wood when you are in need of something that can be made from old shutters.  Go ahead, get creative and put those old things to good use again.

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