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Cliff Hanger is just another example of a Sylvester Stallone movie being turned into a video game, and the two are only related in title and overall theme.  The playable character in the game is required at several points to punch wildlife to death.  Not once in the movie did Stallone's character punch a bird in the face.  This is only the beginning of the disconnect between video game and movie.


Cliffhanger works as a side scrolling platform adventure game.  If not for the movie connection, it would seem like a perfectly normal game.  Players take on the role of the hero, as he runs atop the mountains, avoiding falling snow, and, as mentioned before, punching mountain lions and whatever else in the face.  He also has to make some precarious jumps to avoid falling into pits.  Why are the pits filled with spikes?  I'm not sure.  He must also work his way across tight wires, which span other naturally occurring spikey platforms.  Along the way, our hero can find the occasional power up or health recovery item.  These are relatively infrequent, and don't tend to help all that much.  The game play for Cliffhanger is very generic, and not terribly fun.


For a game that comes from a movie that was visually stimulating (for its time anyway) the graphics in the game, Cliffhanger, are quite poor.  The character and enemy designs are of low quality, and while that might be expected, the background graphics should be good.  They are not.  The mountains and cabins, and even the sky have a sterile look that just doesn't fit for a game that is supposed to take place out in the wild.


Movies are known for epic scores.  Video games based on movies, apparently, are not.  The background music is boring, and somehow, does not even fit the mood of the game.  The sound effects are OK, but this is just another area where Cliffhanger leaves room for improvement.


A full fledged fan of the movie may find a reason to enjoy playing this game.  For the rest of us, it is a pretty lame experience, offering no reason to continue playing after two or three failed attempts to complete it.  To be honest, one failed attempt is all it takes to realized that this game is not good.

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