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Christmas Presents for Teenagers

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"Christmas Presents for Teenagers"
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This year (and in these days) times are getting tough. Kids these days are having the most technological advances than the adults did in their younger years. And this is coming from a teenager himself! So what do you get him or her for the holidays. No gramps, not a knitted sweater I swear is so thick. Here are three neat and cool toys for a teenager.

1. A cellphone, and preferably one with all the bells and rings included. Unlimited text, touchscreen, keyboard, and a mp4 player included. Cellphones allow them to communicate to their friends, and texting is like talking only less formal. Mp4 is just content in video format plus music. Cellphones usually cost around $50 for the system and an additional $30-$70 monthly fee. Features for you include getting to look at their private conversations, who they be calling, and calling them everytime to make sure they didn't forget milk, eggs, and butter.

2. A video game system, and not an Atari. Selections include PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, and the new PSPgo. Systems usually cost around $200-$500. These video game systems are what keep your kids from going insane, and if they get bored from it and you have younger kids, give it to them. If you get a new system for the boy or girl, please remember to get at least one game (Past Experience).

3. An Ipod Touch is one of the coolest gadgets out there. You can buy music, games, and video content right from the system. With a wireless connection, it is possible to access the Internet. Cheap as $200, but the bigger capacity ones that store more data can be over $400. Touch screen, and movement sensors allow gameplay, music, and video to go more smoothly.

With this article and many more, Mom and Dad, you don't have to go to Toys R Us, and pick your son or daughter out a toy that they don't like, but sit there and read about what you missed as a child. So grab a box of tissues. If your toys break they have what you called a warranty that allow you to take them back, but you can't if it is expired, or you spilled grape juice on it. Check out more articles about Christmas Presents for Teenagers on, and also look up keywords such as Ipod Touch, video game systems, and cell phones to grasp a better view about these gadgets from the makers themselves.

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