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Christmas Gift Ideas best Baby Dolls for Toddlers

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"Christmas Gift Ideas best Baby Dolls for Toddlers"
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When searching for the perfect baby doll for a toddler's holiday gift, it's important to keep the age factor in mind. A toddler is considered roughly between 1 to 3 yrs old. This is the age of exploration and play. Delicate and fragile are not in a toddlers vocabulary. They need a toy they can use their imagination with, and that can stand a little tumbling.

Dolls with small parts can be a choking hazard and should be avoided. All items included with the doll should be large and sturdy, thus capable of being truly played with.

There are some great baby dolls for toddlers available out there though, ones that fit the "young child" rules perfectly. Dolls for a toddler should look realistic, since the child is starting to identify appearances. It should be interactive or actioned through the child's own manipulation, and not work by itself. It should be lightweight and the right size to be carried in child's arms. Extras and accessories should be simple and sturdy.


- These are two basic, 12-inch, soft bodied baby dolls, with molded hands, head, and feet. They come in pink and blue sleepers with matching hat and pacifier. They cannot have the outfits changed, but are machine washable. Great basic baby toy for a first doll gift. Retails for about $34 U.S. dollars. There are tons of these dolls and matching extras.


- "Cabbage Patch Kids" are back, and have a great updated look. The cute variety of 14-inch newborn dolls are soft bodied with molded head. She comes in an adorable outfit with matching hair-bow. She also has a bottle, a storybook, and a finger puppet, not to mention the usual birth certificate and adoption papers. Retails for only about $15 U.S. dollars. There are tons of different "Cabbage Patch Kids" and extras that can also be great gifts.


- This slightly older baby doll has lovely, strong hair that can be constantly styled and played with. However it is in danger of being cut. The 14-inch doll is soft bodied, with molded arms, legs, and head. She comes in a cute outfit with matching blanket and brush. Machine washable, bathtime friendly and scented with vanilla. Retails for about $45 U.S. dollars. There are tons if different types of these dolls, as well as accessories.


- This is one of those great, classic wet n' drink dolls. She is a 14-inch sturdy plastic doll that comes with a cute dress, pink potty seat, bottle, diaper, and pacifier. She is perfect for bath-time and as adorable as a real baby. Retails for about $40 U.S. dollars. There are tons of different types of these dolls and complete accessories.


- These are a new line of princess baby dolls from Disney. You're little girls favorite princess as a toddler, with soft bodies and shiny hair for brushing and styling. Jasmine, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Ariel with molded head and arms, and a cute little girl princess outfit. Though the doll is a little older, with a spare blanket and bottle, it easily becomes an adorable baby doll. Retails for about $17 U.S. dollars.


- These plump 18-inch dolls really look like a cute living, breathing baby. She has a soft body with molded arms, legs, and head. The clothing set is simple and removable, and she is scented like rosewater. Very huggable toy. Retails for about $22 U.S. dollars. Comes in tons of different styles with lots of extras.


- This exclusive soft bodied doll line has great selections and accessories. The 16-inch baby doll with 2-in-1 car seat is an adorable figurine with molded legs, arms, and head. She wears a simple pink outfit complete with matching bottle. The somewhat sturdy 2-in-1 cart seat, complete with safety buckle, can be used as a doll carrier or doll bed too. Retails for about $18 U.S. dollars.

Avoid names like "American Girl", "My Twinn Dolls", and "Doll Factory" . These are too delicate to make a great toddler toy. A toddler's baby doll should be fine scraping along the carpet as they drag it into a room. No one needs to worry if the face is being scratched or the collectible value is being damaged.

Highly interactive dolls are another no-no. This can rob the toddler of the chance to really use their imagination. Most intensively interactive dolls are going to be too complicated for a young child to use or understand. In a time when they are exploring the world, let them make-up interactions with their creativity, and save the expensive electronic dolls for an older girl.
If the doll cries, eats, sleeps, or whatnot, great. But walking, talking, singing, and so on, will just be wasted extras. These type of interactive toys are also much more likely to break, both internally and externally, and quickly become trash in a toddlers hands.

Keep in mind that the simpler the doll, the more it can be played with and the less it can be broken. Toys that can stand up to dirt, food, liquid, bashing, thumping, and twisting are much more suitable for a toddler's hectic daily life!

This is the age when they realize there is a whole world to explore, and they're going to want to take their toy exploring with them. Remember that, and you'll be sure to find a wonderful baby doll present that will delight any toddler.

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