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Are you searching for Christmas holiday yard decorations that are a bit different from the normal ones you find in your local hardware store?  Homemade Christmas decorations for the yard can be a fun and rewarding project if you have a strong starting point.  Different areas require different decorative treatments; so consider where you would like to display your holiday decorations.  Your personal style will dictate the best layout and type of Christmas decorations for your yard.  One of the best homemade Christmas decorating ideas for the yard is to use a natural wooden bench as your focal point.

Wooden Benches Provide a Starting Point

It’s time to bring your homemade decorating ideas to life by using a simple wooden bench as the focal point of your Christmas yard décor.  One of the best ways to visualize the impact of the wooden bench is to go outside and look for a place in your front yard landscaping that could utilize a small wooden bench.  These wooden benches can often be purchased at antique stores or thrift stores for less than twenty dollars.  Since you will be able to use this bench Christmas after Christmas, the small investment will be well worth it.  If you have the woodworking skills, you could even build your own bench and really make it a homemade project.

Balance is the Key

Balance is one of the most important designing principles when creating homemade Christmas decorations for your yard.  Your Christmas yard display must have a harmonious flow that welcomes the use of homemade holiday decorating ideas.  In order to properly decorate your homemade wooden bench Christmas display, you must make sure that the bench is decorated in a symmetrical way that also allows for versatility.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use a strand of natural or artificial greenery across the back of the bench.  If you wrap is ever so slightly between the slats of the bench, it will hold securely even during windy winter weather.  Balance can be created when unequal objects are placed at equal distances from the center point of the wooden Christmas bench.  In other words, balance the depth and weight at either end of the bench without worrying too much about the height.  A variation in height will bring versatility to the Christmas bench without compromising the balance.

Lighting and Accessorizing Bring Completion

Spotlights and holiday light strands provide the perfect subtle additions to your homemade outdoor Christmas decorations for the yard.  The spot light can be focused right on the wooden Christmas bench, and the light strands can be wrapped around the greenery.   In addition, some tin lanterns, silver metallic plates, and winter flowerpots can bring a bright and shiny element to the Christmas bench.  These items can be a homemade assortment that you put together yourself using berry vine or pine branches.  For an added appeal, you can add a small lighted wicker Christmas to one end of the bench. 

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