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Christmas Crafts how to Make a Washcloth Snowman

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"Christmas Crafts how to Make a Washcloth Snowman"
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There are only a few ways to make a washcloth snowman; it's how creative you are that will give them that extra touch of pizzazz to make them stand out this holiday season.

A Basic Washcloth Snowman 

-White washcloth
- Fabric glue (or a needle and thread for the advanced sewer.)
- Red, green or any Christmas pattern fabric
- Rice, dry beans or fiberfill
- One medium size pom-pom
- Two small black buttons or 6-8mm craft eyes
- One black pipe cleaner
- Two medium size rubber bands
- Red permanent marker
- Scissors


1) Do your prep work first; set all your supplies out in your work area.
- Cut a piece of your fabric three inches long (scarf)
- Cut a circle (the size of a half dollar) and glue your pom-pom in the center.

2) Lay your washcloth on the table (fuzzy side facing you) and put approximately half a cup of filler in the center of the washcloth. Gather the washcloth around the filling (remember you need to have enough room for the head so don't over fill.) Twist the washcloth once so it's tight and wrap the rubber band around it a few times till it's secure.

3) Next you fill the head, use your judgment on how much when it's full twist once and secure the second rubber band around the top of the head.

4) Glue or sew the hat you already cut out on top of the snowman's head.

5) Wrap the scarf around the neck.

6) Glue the eyes or buttons on and draw your mouth with the marker.

7) Cut your black pipe cleaner (the arms) in half and glue it to the backside of your snowman.

Your basic washcloth snowman is now complete. You can add some of these ideas to give your snowman that extra special touch.

- Dab a little blush on its checks and gently rub in.
- If it's a girl give her a tiny bit of lipstick and a dab of eye shadow, make her a necklace out of yarn or a small piece of a colorful pipe cleaner.
- You can also add a pair of mittens with your left over fabric, simply cut a piece the size of a dime and fold in half, glue closed leaving just enough room for the pipe cleaner (arm) to fit in it.
- You can also tuck a little present under their arms (craft stores sell the real small gifts shaped ornaments; use the pipe cleaner arm to hold it in place.
- Pick up a small to medium size sleigh and sit your snowman in it.

The Family 

Make a snowman family following the same direction as above for the mother and father except use a pink and blue washcloth. For the girl and boy children use the appropriate color washcloth and cut it in half and follow the same directions. For a baby snowman cut one of the half into half a again. Decorate them with any accessories you can find for example for the children snowman you could make a tiny candy cane out of a red and white pipe cleaner by cutting an inch off and twisting the two colors together and bending the top over to form a candy cane shape. You could use a small piece of a white tissue to make a little snowball out of and place in their hands ( just glue it to the pipe cleaner or use a piece of thread to secure it by wrapping it around the snowball. For the baby snowman, you could pick up a tiny bottle at the craft store and glue it to their hand or any baby item that is very small. Let your imagination run wild you can create an entire town of snowmen with a little bit of thought.

Angel Snowman 

These are my favorite; make your snowman following the same simple directions. I use a white or gold colored washcloth; you can use any color you'd like. Use a gold pipe cleaner for a halo it will sit on top of the hat. For wings you can use pipe cleaners; use two bend each one into the shape of a wing and attach them together and glue on to the back of the snowman.

Snowman Gift 

This is a unique and cute gift for a co-worker, hostess or even a special friend. Follow the same directions (EXCEPT) fill the snowman with small wrapped hard candy or shelled nuts etc For children and teens you can fill it with change or cash, do not glue it shut simply use your rubber band to secure it. You can even dress them up some to fit the personality of the person.

You can purchase most of these at the perfect size in any craft store or make you own using small foam shapes.

Teachers- Secure a small stack of books under the arm, place an apple in the "hand" Buy a little "Best Teacher pin" and attach it to the snowman.

Hostess- Secure a little bottle of wine or small boutique of flowers to the hand.

Mailman- Make a small bag out of a piece of blue fabric and write mail on it use a piece of thread as a holder and place it over the head so it hangs down by the stomach area.

These make great gifts and decorations just browse the craft store and you're sure to find something to personalize the snowman with for anyone on your list.

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