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"Christmas Bazaar Christmas Bazaar Crafts Holiday Crafts Christmas Decorations Bazaar Ideas"
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Are holiday craft bazaars a popular pastime in your community? If so, then you want to be ready to display some of your simple Christmas craft ideas.  Fortunately, many of these bazaar craft ideas can be produced on a small budget, so you might even make a few bucks off your holiday items.  Christmas bazaar crafts don’t have to be costly, time consuming, or ostentatious.  With a few simple ideas, you can have the most popular Christmas bazaar table this holiday season.

Pre-made Wooden Crafts Just Need a Little Paint

Most craft stores have pre-made wooden Christmas ornaments, decorations, and accessories that have never been painted.  These same items, once they have been painted, provide the perfect holiday Christmas bazaar craft.  Snowmen, Christmas trees, and Christmas ornaments tend to be some of the most popular items, so use some colorful metallic Christmas paints to create a masterpiece.  These freshly painted wooden Christmas decorations can be made to hang on a wall or displayed on a table or shelf.

Wrought Iron or Clear Glass Bowls are Perfect for Metallic Ornaments

One of the most attractive Christmas bazaar craft ideas is to take a wrought iron bowl or clear glass bowl and fill it with colorful Christmas ornaments.  These bowls can be purchased at your local craft store or thrift store for just a couple of dollars.  In addition, packages of ornaments can be purchased to fill several bowls or vases.  For a special touch, you can add some greenery or berry vine to the base of the bowl or vase.

Large Vases are a Popular Christmas Bazaar Item

Generally at Christmas bazaars, you will get more interest on large items that are either lighted with Christmas light strands or are bright and colorful.  Small teddy bears or tiny baskets do not typically get a large amount of interested buyers.  For a bazaar table that soaks up the attention, use large vases and lighted Christmas decorations to draw attention to your table.  When in doubt, go natural and stick with lighted wicker wreaths and simple floral arrangement for your bazaar table.  Candles and ornate candleholders are also popular and eye appealing items at Christmas bazaars.

Greenery Couldn’t Be Better

If you have the resources, natural live greenery is a popular and highly coveted Christmas craft bazaar item.  People love the fresh smell of pine and finely decorated live greenery will certainly get some interest at your table.  These pieces of Christmas greenery can be spruced up with a metallic bow or some berry vine.  Live greenery can be a bit messy, so it is best to create several large items rather than lots of little items.

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