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With his ability to unlock strong doors and get rid of traps on treasure chests, Karn is already quite a potent member of Ryu's team. There's little arguing that he's good, both in and out of battle. But could he be better?

He could, in fact. Though some players may never discover as such, Karn is actually part of an ancient bloodline from a destroyed kingdom, one in which there are few survivors. This bloodline allows Karn to fuse with others in his team to create hybrid characters that combine the strengths of everyone involved in the transformation, resulting in some truly potent combinations.

There are four transformations in all. They all involve two among Karn, Ox, Bo and Gobi, and the final form combines all four at once.

- The first form is found in Gant. Check the houses until you find a secret passage behind one of the cabinets in the back house. Have Ox smash through the rocks in front of the man here and Karn, once in front, will learn how to create Shin, a fusion with Bo and Gobi. Shin has Bo as the dominant player, and he can fire arrows on the world map faster and further than Bo alone, as well as move through forests.

- The second form is found in Gust. Go to the flute player's house (second on the left) and move the box in the south aside. You'll drop into the basement. From here, move the barrels out of the way so the top three are all level, then push the two side barrels up and the middle barrel to one side. This man will teach Karn Debo, a combination of Gobi and Ox that is only available underwater. (And is probably the most useless of the four.)

- The third form is found roughly northeast of Camlon. Put Mogu in the lead and have him dig at the spot you'll find. This leads to a man who will give you Doof, a combination of Ox and Bo. This strongman can push large crates that Ox can't hope to move, and is immensely powerful.

- The fourth, best form is found in Bleak. Check the houses until you find one containing stacks of crates. Move the top one with Doof in charge and you'll drop into the room with the last man, who will teach you Puka, a combination of Gobi, Ox and Bo. Though he has no field actions, Puka is strong enough to stack up with Ryu's dragon forms, and thus is well worth having.

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