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Daniel is an incredible Bible character.  His stories involve a lot of adventures that can be instrumental in creating  Bible crafts for the kids. Daniel is known for prayer, faithfulness, honesty, dream interpretation and the lion's den.  Though he was a captive, he is also known for being a friend to the kings he served under.  Add these Bible crafts to your repertoire.

Puppets:  Retell the stories from Daniel with the help of these adorable puppets.

Buy an Old Testament Bible coloring book.  Color the pictures and cut them out.  Glue the pictures onto a piece of tag board.  After it dries, cut out the pictures again.  Glue the firm pictures onto craft sticks.  Once they are dry, it is ready to hang a sheet over the chairs to make a puppet theater.  

Lion:  Daniel and the Lion's Den is a fun story to act out, especially for the child that gets to be the lion.

Make a lion's mask with this adorable template.  Color the angel and cut it out.  Connect it according to the directions.  Add a thin layer of glue around the clothing of the angel and across the middle of the angel's hair, going from left to right.  Dust the angel with glitter.  Once the glitter dries, shake off the excess glitter.  Place a small piece of a strip magnet on the back of the angel and hang it on the refrigerator.

Nebuchadnezzar's statue:

You will need a piece of newsprint that is longer than your child.  Have you child lay on the paper so the feet are together and the arms are crossed over his chest.  Draw lines where each element of the statue ends.  Your child will need gold, silver, bronze, and mixed colors.  Color each part of the statue as the story is told.


Draw a picture of Daniel's home on a sheet of brown or tan construction paper.  Draw the window and cut it open.  With the window open, glue the house onto a white sheet of paper.  Once it has dried, draw a picture of Daniel praying on the white paper.  Hang your picture on the wall.  

There are many crafts that can be made based on the stories of Daniel.  Choose your favorite an start today.

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