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Best Websites to Sell your Homemade Crafts

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"Best Websites to Sell your Homemade Crafts"
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Many people make a hobby of various types of arts and crafts and over time can become expert in making many types of homemade items. While some do this purely as enjoyment and for friends and family, others look to sell on the crafts they make to try and make a little profit. If you come into the latter category then finding a place to see your homemade crafts will be something you are interested in. While craft fairs, boot sales, garage sales and other events can provide an outlet, the internet has provided another avenue to market and sell homemade crafts. There are a number of websites which provide the opportunity to do this and the following are some of these.


Etsy is an online community where it is possible to both buy and sell homemade crafts. If you want to sell items you need to create an account and this is free to do. Once you have an account you are provided with an online shop area which can sell a range of goods and this can include your own handmade items, crafting supplies and also vintage items. You can name your shop and customize it with banners, your own selling policies and your own profile. Once the shop is set up you simply list the items you have available for sale and people who visit are then free to purchase these and once payment is received you ship the item to them. Payment can be through personal check, money orders or Paypal and you can choose which you want to use. Although setting up an account is free there are fees for using Etsy’s services. It typically costs 20 cents to list one item and there is a 3.5% fee on ever sale made.

Details of Etsy can be found at

Craft Mall

Craft Mall features many different arts and crafts from around the world and provides a decent outlet for crafters to sell their homemade wares. It is possible to set up a couple of different accounts and these are basically charged at a set fee per month. A basic account allows you to list up to 15 products and this costs $10 per month. If you want the capabilities to list more of your crafts then you need to select a premier account and these vary in price from $15 per month for 25 products to $55 per month for 650 items. Once you have created an account you can basically set up an online shop within Craft Mall where you can showcase your items. With many online shoppers visiting Craft mall this can get better exposure for your products and there are a number of features available to help you sell your wares. To use the service you need a Paypal Premier or Business Account although this is fairly simple to set up.

Information on Craft Mall is available at

Handmade Catalog

This is a website devoted to the buying and selling of handmade crafts. The site provides the opportunity to sell your crafts online without having the hassle of setting up your own website. If you want to sell on Handmade Catalog then you need to open an account and there are three to choose from. The basic account costs $5 per month or $40 per year and for this you can list up to 50 items on the site and are charged 15% of any sales you make. The standard account costs $8 per month or $60 per year and for this it is possible to list up to 250 products and you are charged 10% of any sales. On the standard account you can also have 3 items a year shown on the main page of the site. The most expensive option is the Professional Account which costs $13 per month or $100 per year. This allows you to list up to 1,200 items on the site and you are charged 5% on sales. The Professional account also enables the listing of 5 items a year on the main page of the site and you also get your business name on the sites list of crafters.

Further details about Handmade catalog can be found at


Artfire provides a location where crafters can sell their homemade wares to a willing audience of buyers, with an estimated 800,000 buyers visiting on a monthly basis. Setting up an account is fairly quick and simple and only really needs an email address and a Paypal account. The cost to have a professional sellers account is a flat $16 per month and for this you basically get your own studio within the site which you can customize to suit your needs. There is no sales fee charged and the basic monthly cost enables you to list an unlimited number of items. The site has a few payment options available and these include Paypal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments. It is a fairly simple account to set up and this makes it a decent website to check out.

Details of Artfire can be found at

Turning a hobby into a small business can help you earn a little more money each month and with a little luck your homemade wares may become popular. The websites above provide the opportunity to get started selling your crafts online and if you are interested in doing this the sites are well worth having a look at.

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