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Are you looking for looking for a game that you can your special someone can play together? Perhaps your just looking for a card game you and your friend can play? Well I have some news for you, there are a number of very good two player card games out there.

With card games, the number of things you can play is almost endless, you can even create your own games if you wish to do so. I think that you will find that playing two player card games are much more fun then playing alone or verses a computer. Why? Simply because it's somewhat peaceful to beat your best friend in your favorite two player card game.

If you enjoy putting shame on the face of your friends after beating them in a card game, or your just looking for the best two player card games, I think you may have come to the right place. Here are some simple games for two players that you might find enjoyable.

Crazy Eights

This game might take awhile for me to explain, but it is very good. In this game we start off by shuffling the deck, if you have two players you deal out seven cards each. The remaining cards are laid face down just like in beggar-your-neighbor, the top card is placed to the side face up to form the discard pile.

Starting with the player that wasn't the dealer, take turns playing a "legal" card, in this game that can mean a few different things. The following moves are what is considered a legal card move.

*If the card on top of the pile is not 8 then you can play any card that match's the rank of suit of the previous card.
*Any 8 card can be placed on all other cards, the player placing that card must nominate a suit to be played right after that.
*If an 8 card is on top of the pile, you can play any card of the suit nominated by the player that played the first 8.

Of course the first player to get rid of all their cards wins, while the other player receives
penalty points for every card they still have, 50 for eights, 10 for a picture card, other card's give a penalty of their face value.


This is a easy game to learn, its called Begger-Your-Neighbor, even though its a bit more for children, adults may find it fun as well. It can be played alone or with two people, I recommend playing with a friend of course. First of all, you shuffle the deck, then divided between you and your friend.

Then both you and your friend draw a card, placing it onto the table overlapping the player whose turn was before them. This continues till one of the player draws a high card such as a ace, king, queen, or a jack. The player that didn't draw the high card has to stack lower cards on top of the high one.

*Four for Ace
*Three for King
*Two for Queen
*One for Jack

After this is completed the player who drew the high card in the first place gets the pile, the only way for you or your friend to stop this is to draw a high card also, the person left with no cards left at the end of the game loses.


I have to say this is my personal favorite, its a two player game of course and all you need is a standard 52 card deck. All the cards need shuffled then divided and laid face down, each player then draws one card. The player with the higher card takes the other persons card and then in turn places that card at the bottom of his or her deck.

This process is continued over and over again till one of the players has all the cards, that person is of course the winner.

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