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Best Places to Find Raccoons in Red Dead Redemption

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"Best Places to Find Raccoons in Red Dead Redemption"
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There are about 40 different types of animals in Red Dead Redemption – one species being the raccoon. If hunting, killing, and skinning varmints isn’t your cup of tea then this game probably isn’t for you. Tracking down the different types of animals is needed to get money (you sell or trade the meat and skins) and you can be awarded different achievements. However, some of the rascally critters are hard to track down including raccoons.

MacFarlane Ranch
Owned by Bonnie MacFarlane, this cattle ranch is located in the New Austin territory. This is the ranch where you wake up after being shot – Bonnie is the one who saved you. You should remember this ranch from the first chapter of the game.

There is a lot of debate among gamers about finding raccoons at Bonnie’s ranch. Fact is, there are raccoons, but the trick is not to get attacked and killed by cougars first. Usually gamers give up trying because they get well – killed by the cougars over and over.

Just south of MacFarlane’s Ranch is Worthington Ranch. Ride your trusty steed along the ranch from one end to the other. There will be quite a few raccoons roaming about at night. Just north of MacFarlane Ranch are some railroad tracks. Look for an area that has some rocks and a few trees and if you are patient, the raccoons will wander around at night.

There are a couple areas around Armadillo that are great places to go raccoon hunting. Just searching around the place at night, you will randomly find the critters roaming about. Also check behind the store near the stage coach and behind the stage coach. Sometimes it will be skunks that you find but if you set up camp and wait until the next night, you should get lucky. Either way, you can get both skunks and raccoons which either are good for trade.

These areas for finding raccoons are places that other gamers and I have found them. The Red Dead Redemption Wiki suggests finding raccoons in West Elizabeth and New Austin however; they are supposed to be most abundant in the Great Plains. The Great Plains will also have bison, deer, fox, rabbits, and horses.

The key to finding raccoons at any of these locations is patience. It’s usually advisable to hunt from horseback as this gives you a better view of the surroundings and helps keep you alive from ambushes by larger prey like cougars and bears. Most often the raccoons come out at night – just like the varmints in your backyard.  Hunt slowly and carefully – racing around on horseback doesn’t work. Usually after killing one or more, they will re-spawn so be patient and watch for more.

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